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Introduction to Chandigarh University

chandigarh university distance education

The esteemed Chandigarh University was established in the year 2012 in the district of Mohali located in Punjab, India.

Deemed to be one of the youngest private Universities in India, Chandigarh University has successfully achieved its goals of providing top-quality education to the youth over the years.

One of the biggest milestones that the University has achieved is to break the conventional style of campus learning and go for the establishment of CU-IDOL, the Chandigarh University- Institute of Distance & Online Learning.

The advent of technology has brought in several benefits to the human-kind. Distance Education is now much more feasible and easier than traditional learning as compared to the previous decades.

Millions of students have opted for Distance Education over the past decade especially those who opt for studying alongside working.

The CU-IDOL offers a new age learning experience for the students by using advanced technology.

The University makes optimum usage of the technology interface to conduct classes for its students.

The Learning Management System can be said to be one of the middle-grounds on the basis of which the institution assists the students in learning at the comfort of their own.

To make the course much more interesting and easy, students are provided with online study materials and are given access to the e-library.

Additionally, it also offers flexible choice-based credit system, meaning thereby, that the students can easily opt for majors, minors and electives based on their choices.

The University makes assistance possible for its students as it has a dedicated help desk which can be contacted easily by any of its students in case of doubts or queries.

The course curriculum of each programme has been made after a lot of deliberation with the assistance of experts.


CU-IDOL has been credited with NAAC grade A+. The University is also a member of the Association of Universities.


Chandigarh University is one of the fastest growing Private Institutions all over Asia. The placements have been so good that the University had its name enrolled in the Limca Book of Records for the most number of companies visiting the University for Placements.

Chandigarh University Distance Education Courses

Chandigarh University Institute of Distance & Online Learning (IDOL) offers a plethora of courses for its students ranging from Undergraduate, Postgraduate to Diploma.

Below is the list of Chandigarh University distance education courses.

  • ​Bachelor of Arts (B.A)​
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)​
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A)
  • ​Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Travel and Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A)​​
  • Master of Arts (M.A) in English​
  • Master of Arts (M.A) in Psychology
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)​
  • Master of Commerce (M.Com)
  • Master of Computer Application (M.C.A)​​

The courses details are as follows.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A)​

The Bachelor of Arts degree opens a plethora of opportunities for the students. The aim of the Chandigarh University Distance BA Course is to provide for several subjects in the curriculum so as to help in the overall development of the students.

The duration of the course is 3 years and candidates who have successfully passed 10+2 or any equivalent examination is eligible for admission to this course.

In the first Semester itself the student will have to choose the elective subject which thereupon cannot be changed.

Enrolled student will have to select the medium of instruction as per their convenience from English, Hindi and Punjabi languages.

The University offers the following subjects for specialisation:

  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Political science
  • History

Job: Translator, Marketing, Social worker, Political Scientist, Civil Servant, etc.

Higher Education: B.ed, MBA, M.A, Certificate and Diploma Courses

​Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

One of the most preferred Undergraduate professional degrees by the present youth is Bachelor of Business Administration. It is a great head-start for those who wish to enter into the field of business and management.

The Chandigarh University Distance BBA Course is developed in such a manner so as to train the students for the real business world as well clear their concepts of management as well.

The duration of the course is 3 years and any person who has passed 10+2 or its equivalent examination from any recognised Board or University or Council is eligible for admission in this particular course.

The Course offers specialisation in four different subjects which are:

  • Advertisement & Marketing
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Forex Management
  • Tourism & Event Management

Jobs: Assistant Manager, Marketing Manager, Business Administration Researcher, Manager of Human Resource, Business consultant, etc.

Competitive exams: UPSC, SSC, Bank, etc.

Higher Education: Master of Business Administration, Diploma and certificate courses, Master of Arts, etc.

​B.Sc Travel and Tourism Management

Bachelor of Science in Travel and Tourism Management is a special degree for those students who are interested in pursuing a career in this industry.

The Course focuses on the development of both management as well as planning skills which includes communication and advertisement too.

The duration of the course is 3 years and any person who has completed 10+2 from any recognised University or Board or Council is eligible for admission in this course.

Chandigarh University IDOL offers specialization under B.SC Travel and Tourism Management to be selected at the beginning of the first semester which cannot be changed later on.

  • Travel Business
  • Hospitality Management
  • Service Marketing​

Jobs: Travel agents, event planners, tour operators, lodging managers, etc.

Government jobs: Appear in competitive exams

Higher education: M.A, Diploma and certificate courses

The students from this course get placements easily through the University in top companies like Make My Trip, Club Mahindra, Thomas Cook, The Leela Group of Hotels, etc.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)​

A highly valued degree for commerce students, Bachelor of Commerce is taken up mainly by those students who want to further their career based on commerce, accounting or banking. The specialisations offered by the University are:

  • ​Advanced Cost and Management Accounting
  • Auditing and Taxation

The course curriculum is adopted after detailed discussion with the academic and industry experts. Recent topics of importance like GST and Corporate Governance are also dealt with widely. Thus, after completion of the course, one is ready to work in the field.

The duration of the course is 3 years and any student who has cleared 10+2 or any equivalent examination from a recognised University or Board or Council is eligible for admission to the Chandigarh University Distance B.Com Course.

Jobs: Accountant, store manager, manager, entrepreneur, Financial Risk Manager, Business Analyst, etc.

Government jobs: IBPS, UPSC, State civil services, etc.

Higher Education: Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, CFA, MBA,, etc.

Bachelor is Computer Applications​ (BCA)

Bachelor is Computer Applications is a highly useful degree taking into consideration the rapid rise of the IT industry all over the world.

With the world steadily moving towards digitalisation, the need for computer professionals has increased tremendously.

The Chandigarh University Distance BCA Course has been designed to accommodate students so that their skills can be enhanced and be adapted globally.

The curriculum has been designed in such a manner so as to include important practical skills such as Computer Programming, We Development, Internet Programming, Mobile Application Development, etc.

The duration of the course is 3 years and any person who has passed 10+2 or any equivalent examination from a recognised University or Board or Council is eligible for admission to this Course.

Future Aspect:

Jobs: Software Developer, Web Developer, Programmer, etc.

Government Jobs: UPSC, SSC, etc.

Higher Education: MCA, MBA, Diploma and Certificate programs, etc.

Master of Arts (M.A) in English​

This two year post-graduate programme of Master of Arts in English Literature is a distinguished and esteemed degree for the ones who are interested in the language.

The aim of the Chandigarh University Distance M.A English course is to help the students develop analytical as well as critical thinking and get involved in various literary concepts around the world.

The specializations offered by the University are:

  • ​Post-colonial Theory and Literature
  • World Literature

Any person who has graduated from a recognised University is eligible for admission in this particular course.

Career: Editor, Content Writer, Teacher, Author, etc.

Higher Education: Ph.D, Certificate and diploma programs

Master of Arts (M.A) in Psychology​

The advanced and esteemed degree of Master of Arts in Psychology is a distinguished programme opted by students who are interested in the scientific study of mental processes, human behaviour, group thinking, behavioural patterns, etc.

The Chandigarh University Distance M.A Psychology programme has been designed in such a manner that all clinical aspects of the brain, cognitive thinking and the ability to counsel and intervene in cases of behavioural issues are dealt with in a detailed manner.

The duration of the course is 2 years and all graduates from any recognised University who had taken up Psychology as a subject in Graduation is eligible for admission in this Course. The specializations offered in the Course are:

  • Applied Psychology
  • Organizational Behaviour and Development​

Career: Clinical psychologist, health psychologist, counsellor, teacher, etc.

Higher Education: Ph.D, Diploma and Certificate programs.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)​

A highly demanded and looked upon professional Post-graduate degree, Master of Business Administration is a great way to kick-start a career in business as well as management.

The degree aims at providing theoretical as well as practical knowledge on the workings of the corporate and firms in India and around the world.

The curriculum of the Distance MBA Course is designed with the help of experts and professionals who have knowledge about the existing corporate world.

The Course also offers optimum placement opportunities for its students in companies such as Google, Tech Mahindra, TCS, Accenture, etc.

Any person who has graduated from any recognised University in any stream can secure admission in the Chandigarh University Distance MBA Course.

The duration of the Course is two years. The enrolled student has to choose a specialization as per own needs and interests from the following list

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • International Business​

Career: Entrepreneurship or Banking, Data Analytics, Investment Banking, Human Resources Manager, Financial Analyst, Senior Sales Analyst, etc.

Higher Education: Ph.D in management, CFA, FRM, Certification in financial Market, Digital Marketing, Executive MBA, etc.

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Master of Commerce (M.Com)​

One amongst the valuable post-graduate degree opted by a student with a commerce background is Master of Commerce.

Candidates who want to delve deeper into subjects involving taxation, banking, insurance or finance opt for this degree. The specializations offered by the University are:

  • Advanced Cost and Management Accounting
  • Auditing and Taxation​

The duration of the course is 2 years. Any person who has graduated from a recognised University irrespective of the stream opted for, is eligible for admission.

Job: Accountant, Trader, Financial Manager, Business Analyst, Bank Executive, Market Analyst, Finance Consultant, etc.

Higher Education: International Finance Reporting Standards, Ph.D, Certificate Courses in relevant field like stock market, banking, etc.

Master of Computer Applications (MCA)​

Master of Computer Applications is a highly-valued and a highly relevant professional degree in the present as well as the future. With the growth of IT industry, the need for computer and programming professionals is increasing day by day.

The Course includes practical subjects like Python Programming, Mobile Applications Development, Linux Administration, etc.

The Chandigarh University MCA Course is planned keeping in mind the needs and wants of the industry and the students are also offered optimum placements in companies like Amazon, SAP, Google, Directi, etc.

The duration of the course is 3 years and any person who has graduated from any recognised University with a minimum of 50% aggregate and who had opted for subjects like Mathematics, Statistics, Business Mathematics, Business Statistic and Quantitative Techniques as either compulsory, optional or additional subjects in either their Bachelors degree or 10+2 examination is eligible for admission to the MCA Course.

Jobs: Data base engineer, Ethical Hacker, Hardware engineer, Trouble shooters, Social media Handlers, etc.

Higher Education: Cloud Computing, Machine learning, Devops, Ph.D, Certificate programs, etc.

Chandigarh University Distance Education Admission Process

The process for admission to Courses that are offered by CU-IDOL is fairly easy and involves few simple steps.

  • The first step is to visit their official website. Once you visit the website, you will find the Apply Now option.
  • You will be directed to the homepage for registration. Fill up the details that are required for your registration such as full name, mobile number, email id, etc. This step will generate your user id and password which will be automatically sent on your mobile number as well as email id.
  • The next step is to login using the given id and password. Once you login successfully, you will have to click on the Buy Now option and make an online payment of Rs. 500 for the purpose of purchasing the prospectus of the course.
  • After the payment is cleared successfully, the application form will get activated. You will be required to fill up the application form personal details, contact details, educational qualifications, etc. and pay the Program Fee.
  • After the payment, Document upload option will be re-directed where you will be asked to upload all the necessary documents such as certificates and a recent passport size photograph.
  • Finally, you will receive confirmation after the last step about the submission of your application form on your mobile number as well as email id.

Evaluation and Examination Pattern

Evaluation- The students are evaluated on the basis of ten-point grading system by way of SGPA and CGPA, that has been adopted by the University. All subjects, theory as well as practical, are evaluated out of total 100 marks out of which 70% is reserved for End-terme examinations and only 30% is kept for Internal Assessments.

Assignments- University uploads all assignments on its Learning Management System portal that are available for the students to download. The students are given the option of appearing for the assignments either online or physically at the campus. All relevant details are provided for in the official website.

Examinations- The end-term examinations are conducted by the University in the months of June and December at the Examination Centres that are determined and announced by the University from time to time on its official website. Students can also apply for re-evaluation of a subject by filling up the required application form and paying the mentioned fee with a stipulated time frame as provided by the University.

Chandigarh University Distance Education Fees

For Undergraduate Courses






Rs. 66300/-



Rs. 80700/-



Rs. 68700/-



Rs. 80700/-



Rs. 80700/-

For Postgraduate Courses






Rs. 49800/-



Rs. 57800/-



Rs. 86700/-



Rs. 45800/-

Placement Opportunities

The placement scenario of the University has been acclaimed to be one of the best in the country so much so that the University has been enrolled in the Limca Book of Records for the number of companies visiting the University for the purpose of hiring the students.

Renowned companies like Google, Hewlett-Packard, Tech Mahindra, Microsoft, Godrej, The Leela Group of Hotels, Accenture, etc. are actively involved in the placement opportunities for the students in both Undergraduate as well as Postgraduate courses .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. When are the end-semester examinations conducted by the Chandigarh University for its distance courses?

The end-semester examinations are conducted by the University in the months of June and December at the Examination Centres as determined by the University from time to time.

  1. How are the students notified about the end-term results?

The results of the end-term examinations are announced on the official website of the University.

  1. Is there any entrance examination for admission to any of the courses for Chandigarh University Distance Education?

No. The admission to all courses under CU-IDOL is solely based on the eligibility criteria as provided by the University. 

  1. Can the admission be revoked by the students after payment of the fees?

Yes. Admission can be cancelled by the student after payment of the fees within a stipulated time as per the refund policy as updated by the University from time to time.

  1. Is the application form for admission to CU-IDOL programmes available offline?

Yes, the application form can be availed physically from the University head office or from any of the regional admission offices of the University. The Prospectus can also be bought directly from there itself.

  1. Is there a separate Placement Cell for each of the courses?

No. The students are free to avail Placement Support from the University since the University aims at providing optimum placements for the students of all streams. However, there is no separate cell for each course.

Chandigarh University Distance Education Review

CU-IDOL has been a boon to all those students who are unable to pursue education by the traditional method of campus learning due to varied reasons or personal issues.

With the use of advanced technology, the University aspires to provide top-quality education for its students.

The additional benefits of online study materials and e-library makes the Programme much more interesting and easy to learn.

Apart from academic facility, the University helps its student with placements and other needed support for a bright future.

Contact address

NH-95, Ludhiana - Chandigarh State Hwy, Punjab 140413.