Distance Learning MBA From IIM

Distance Learning MBA From IIM

When it comes to management education, Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) is the institution that everyone of us wants to join.

But only few of us know that IIM doesn’t offer a MBA degree. Since IIM is not a university, they can only offer a post graduate diploma program or a certification program. Although their PGDM courses is equivalent to the MBA programs and acceptable across the world.

Getting into IIM’s regular PGDM (MBA) is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires you to secure top ranking in CAT entrance test and good academic record.

But still there is a good news for you. If you’re a working professional you can join IIM distance learning courses that are specially designed for working professionals.

IIMs like IIM Calcutta, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Rohtak, IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Lucknow, and IIM Bangalore do offer distance learning courses for working professionals.

Distance Learning Courses Offered by IIMs

Executive Programs Offered by IIM Calcutta

Below are the executive courses that IIM Calcutta offers under the distance learning mode for working professionals.

  • Executive Program in Business Management
  • Executive Programme in Business Analytics
  • Executive Program in Global Business Management
  • Executive Program in Sales & Marketing
  • Executive Program for Young Managers
  • Executive Programme in Leadership & Management
  • Executive Program in Human Resource Management

Executive Programs Offered by IIM Ahmedabad

Below are the distance learning courses offered by IIM Ahmedabad

  • Senior Management Programme
  • IIMA’s e-Mode PGP
  • Executive Programme in Business Finance
  • Executive Programme in Advanced Business Analytics

Executive Programs Offered by IIM Rohtak

IIM Rohtak offers only one program under the distance learning mode

  • Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Executive Programs Offered by IIM Kozhikode

IIM-K offers a year long general management program under the Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) mode

  • Executive Management Education Programme (EMEP)

IIM-K also offers four programs of six month duration in marketing, finance, operations and strategy for working executives.

Executive Programs Offered by IIM Lucknow

Below are the six courses that IIM Lucknow offers under distance education.

  • Executive General Management Program
  • Advanced Program in Customer Relationship Management
  • Executive Program in Business Management
  • Sales and Marketing Executive Management Program in Sales and Marketing
  • Human Resource Management Advanced Program in Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Management Advanced Program in Strategy for Leaders

Executive Programs Offered by IIM Kashipur

Below are the distance education courses offered by IIM Kashipur

  • Executive Certificate Program In Strategic Management
  • Executive Certificate Program In Digital Marketing
  • Executive Certificate Program In Digital Finance

Who Can Join These Courses?

As we have mentioned already, these courses are designed for working professionals. The eligibility criteria for joining these courses differ course to course.

For a junior level program, the work experience required could be as low as 1 year but for a senior level course, up to 10 years work experience may be required.

If you’re a working professional, you may join a course based on your level of experience in your field.

How much does IIM Distance Learning courses cost?

The cost of the program depends upon the type of course and the duration of the course. A 4-6 month certification program usually cost approx. INR 50000-INR 750000, whereas a higher level management program may cost up to 5 lakh Indian rupees.

These courses are usually costlier than the other popular distance education MBA courses.

We advise you to gather all the information about the course before you join one.

How to Apply for Admission?

Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) offers these courses in association with their education technology partners.

NIIT Imperia, TalentEdge, Hughes Global Education are some education companies where you can enquire and register for these courses.

For admission, students are required to fill up a Common Application Form (CAF). Students are also required to the Program Aptitude Test. The admissions will be given based on the application material and the performance in the Program Aptitude Test.

More Details That Students Must Know

LIVE lectures by experienced professors from IIMs will be conducted that students can attend using their laptops or desktops.

Students also get access to cloud campus where they can access course material, assignment, case studies and projects.

For some courses 70% attendance in online lectures is required.

Should You Join Distance Education Courses Offered by IIM?

IIM courses are designed to improve your on the job skills. If you're already working on a middle-level or senior-level position and want to improve your managerial skills, distance learning courses from IIMs are for you.

Since these courses are expensive and targeted to a specific types of professionals, you should be very sure what course you join.

If you've just started your career and don't have much experience Or you have never worked on a managerial position, we suggest you to wait a little more before you join these courses.

Don't compare these courses with a MBA degree program or with IIM's regular management courses since these are completely different courses and have been designed to improve your skills in a particular area of business management.