Value of Distance MBA

Value of Distance MBA

Every one of us know that getting an MBA degree is one of the best career investment one can make.

But getting a regular MBA degree becomes next to impossible when you're into a full time job, because you can not leave your job for 2 years to complete your higher education.

In this scenario, a distance MBA program come to your rescue. But should you join a distance MBA program? Does a distance MBA has any value?

In this article, we will talk about the value of distance MBA, and will cover the frequently asked questions that students may have when they think about getting a distance MBA degree.​

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Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an acclaimed industry-aligned degree course for any student.

It is indeed to be accepted that earning a professional MBA degree can offer professional as well as personal benefits.

It is the only postgraduate degree course which makes you come out with needed skills that the industry is currently seeking.​

There are many ways to pursue an MBA. There is a certain category of students who prefer doing it full-time as they have all the time in the world to complete the course.

It may also be of their interest in getting the degree with manual intervention.

There are many online MBA courses available which the students can take up with a distance MBA certificate.

The prime mode of learning MBA is through distance education.​

Why There is a Need of a Distance MBA?

Non-formal education has taken up big strides in India to offer education for all.

Formal education has its own challenges in many ways, one is the economical factor of pursuing a course.

Distance MBA is the modern and most effective way of learning that allows people from any social background can take this up for their career.

This made Govt. of India and the universities increase the number of distance learning programmes every year.

There are many benefits in doing Distance MBA, a few are for your understanding.

Build Valuable Career Time

Doing Distance MBA is advantageous in terms of the time factor.

It is indeed a matter of priority but getting employed or earning money through an integral business is the end result of completing an MBA.

So why would someone waste time pursuing a full-time course? Distance learning of MBA gives you the flexibility of studying. More importantly, you can get employed at an early stage while doing the course.

This will not only earn a good living for you but also use the techniques taught in MBA can be experimented for your professional benefit.

Experiment Skill Development

Distance education is the versatile mode of doing MBA.

As we know, MBA is a course packed with skill sets. Skills learning and not practising does not serve the purpose.

You can learn at your pace, acquire the skill set, an experiment in your professional and personal circle will finally make you own the skill.

Indulge in Passion

This is of vital importance in many people's lives. Doing a Full-time MBA can hamper your interests in spending time with your passion.

You may like to play a sport, or you may like to be a professional dancer, doing distance MBA can create wonders in your personal life.

After all personal development not only happens through studies, it must also be expressed by doing what we are interested in doing.

Why live a rigid full-time course life while you have a dynamic option of distance MBA.

Multiple courses at a Time

As discussed earlier, doing distance MBA is advantageous in saving time.

MBA is a career-oriented course which will take you to heights. But there may be a liking of doing any vocational courses for your interest.

Full-time MBA and interest-based courses are simply difficult as you may not have time to even work on yourself.

Distance MBA offers this gift to all the students who have made a wise choice.

Nominal Fee Structure

Affordable fee structure makes the distance learning of MBA reach many people in the country.

In a country like India, the economic factor affects a lot of students from studying the course they want.

Distance Mode of learning MBA comes with a pocket-friendly fee structure.

In fact, the money needed for Full-time MBA can be utilized to invest in a certain business and start pursuing a distance MBA.

Some Popular Distance MBA Courses in India​

Below are some popular distance MBA courses you can consider joining.

Distance Education - Adds Value to Your Life

There is always a question whether a distance MBA better than Full-Time MBA? As we saw in the previous column as to how many magnanimous benefits to distance MBA has, it is worthy for you to know how valuable is this for your life.

Of course, distance MBA has the same value as the full-time MBA degree, as both of them are offered by reputable universities and widely accepted in all industries.

Complete Corporate Recruitment

Let us understand the logic behind getting hired. While we do MBA, we must have at least been a graduate? After completing the MBA,

The recruiter looks at the profile and has many reasons to select a particular candidate who has done his MBA (Full-Time) for a lesser salary.

For obvious reasons he may also get rejected as there is another candidate who has completed his/her MBA(Distance Education) who gets selected for the work experience,

He has got. Now when did he work while the other was not able to? Distance MBA offers the flexibility that you can work and gain the experience which can be put in your resume too.

Professional experience with MBA degree is most sought by the recruiters. Now, when you pursue an MBA through distance education, it gives an advantage over others in the job market.

Remarkable Career Opportunities

After completing the MBA through distance mode of education, a wide range of career opportunities are available.

You can find yourself a job in private sectors, public sectors, insurance, marketing, finance, Accounting and many. The job roles may range from the associate level to the managerial and more.

Government Jobs Opportunities

Suitable opportunities are widely available in government sectors as well.

Indeed they are very much eligible as much as the full-time candidates to apply for government jobs.

In fact, Banks, Railways, PSUs and Airports seek distance MBAs for many job roles.

It is to be observed that, in the government sector, an MBA with previous work experience is more valuable than just a full-time MBA.

Powerful Return on Investment

Distance MBA makes you financially wealthy. Not only that you can work while you study, but it is also all about the career change after completing the degree.

Exclusive opportunities for most of the skilled distance MBA professionals are not to be denied.

The money invested in pursuing the course can be retrieved by working in a year maximum.

Nation Wide Recognition of the Course

Distance MBA is an acclaimed course recognized by the UGC. This makes it a concrete result oriented course which must be pursued if you are planning for a fruitful career.

MBA Specialization of Interests

Recruiters not only look at general management skills, they also view the specialization that you have chosen to do the MBA. Specialised skills for that specialisation is considered first.

It is required of you to choose a worthy specialization which can bring laurels to you and your society. Here are the list of most sought MBA specialisation by the corporate.

  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Human Resource Management
  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in Supply Chain Management
  • MBA in Rural Management
  • MBA in Agri-Business Management
  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • MBA in Information Technology

Choose the best one which is close to your interest areas and excel in it.

There must be a minimum eligibility criterion to join distance MBA anywhere in India.

  • A bachelor’s degree – a minimum of 3-year course
  • 50% of marks obtained the Graduation degree

If you are opting for an Executive MBA degree which is also a Distance MBA program then you must have a work experience of 2 to 3 years. 

Distance MBA can be the best option for you, if 

  1. You have personal commitments to be sorted day in and day out to balance personal and professional life
  2. You do not want to waste 2 years without working while studying
  3. You have a lot of interesting areas where you want to spend time with, like building a new skill, playing a sport etc.
  4. You are not wanting to go through the regular entrance test and get through to do a full-time MBA
  5. You want to invest money that will be spent on full-time MBA if you are going to pursue.


Distance is a special course for special people. Life is supposed to be planned well in advance to live a purposeful one. One such planning and decision must happen while you choose the course also. Choosing the distance mode of learning MBA must be one among them.