Distance Education MBA Fee Structure Comparison Of Top Universities in India

Distance Education MBA Fee Structure India

Introduction To Fees For Distance Education MBA in India

If you’re planning to pursue an MBA degree programme, it is advisable that you should check out the best distance education MBA universities along with their fee structure.

The fee structure for distance education MBA course differs university to university. The fee for distance MBA programme in India starts from as low as ₹ 31,500 and goes up to ₹ 1,51,800. If you’re considering a foreign university for pursuing your MBA through online education mode, this figure may go up multiple folds.

In this we’ll compare the fee structure of top 10 universities in India offering distance education MBA course.

There are majorly 3 types of fee that universities charge when you take an admission i.e academic fee, application fee, and exam fee.

Some universities even charge few other types of fee e.g Personal Contact Program (PCP) fee, but in this article we will compare only the three types of fee that we have mentioned above in this article.

Here is the comparison table of MBA distance education fee structure of top 10 universities in India.


Academic Fee

Application Fee

Exam Fee

Institute of Management Studies (IMT)

₹ 88,000


₹ 2500

Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning (SCDL)

₹ 40,000

₹ 1500

₹ 2550

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

₹ 31,500


₹ 2520

ICFAI University

₹ 60,000

₹ 5000

₹ 12000

Sikkim Manipal University

₹ 65,000

₹ 1000

₹ 20000

Annamalai University

₹ 45,100

₹ 1000

₹ 2500

Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies

₹ 76,000

₹ 1200

₹ 14400

Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management

₹ 64,600

₹ 1000

Not Known

Amity University

₹ 1,51,800

₹ 1100

Not Known

Lovely Professional University

₹ 41,600

₹ 350

₹ 4400

Conclusion: Why Is There So Much Difference in MBA Fees?

From the table above, we can clearly see that the fee structure of IGNOU is most affordable whereas Amity charge a hefty amount for their distance education MBA programme.

You must be wondering why there is so much difference in fee for the same course.

Your question is all valid. The fee is decided by the universities based on the facilities provided to the students. Some universities spend a hefty amount on their online course delivery system, course material, and other infrastructures and keep their fees high, while others offers their MBA course using the same old modes of program delivery.

Although, we cannot deny the fact that some universities charge for their brand value too. The higher the brand value of a university, the higher it charge for their distance MBA course.

When you choose a distance education MBA course, do not choose it just by looking at its fee, look for the UGC approval first, then check for their methodology of delivering the course, and at last check for the price.